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COVID Email To Our Patients

Our dear patients and friends,

Governor Jay Inslee recently signed an executive order mandating that we close our office, and reschedule all of our patients no sooner than May 18th, 2020. Prohibiting all dental non-emergencies is to help reduce the spread of the virus, but mainly to preserve PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for the hospitals that are dangerously close to running out of supplies. To help with this concern, Sullivan Bastian Orthodontics has donated our PPE supplies to Providence Hospital in Everett.

During the time our office is closed, we will be available to see patients who are in need of urgent care.  The American Association of Orthodontists defines urgent needs as those situations where a patient has one or more of the following conditions:  significant oral pain, infection, limited function, or a physically traumatic event yielding the one or more of the previous conditions.  Patients with any of these situations should contact our office as soon as possible.

In addition, patients with the following braces components should follow these instructions:

1. Patients with expanders should discontinue turning the expanders for now.

2. Patients wearing elastics (rubber bands) full time should switch to nighttime only.

Patients with the following braces components should contact our office so that we can evaluate to see if any of these parts need to be modified or removed, at least temporarily.

1. Springs that are attached between the top and bottom teeth.

2. An extra wire attached to the top teeth. The main wire runs through the braces, and the extra wire runs above or below the main wire and is “wavy.”

3. Elastic separators (spacers) between teeth.

Patients with Invisalign can typically proceed as usual with aligner changes, but if you are getting near the end of series you can wear each stage for 2 weeks to “stretch out” the time with each aligner until you can see us for your next series. 

If you have any concerns about specific teeth/areas please text a photo and a description of the concern to 425-530-7461, and we will contact you with advice regarding the condition.  You can also visit our website for information on how to deal with orthodontic discomfort.  In addition, we are leaving two cabinets stocked with elastics, wax, and Gishy Goo to deal with any uncomfortable wires/braces.  One cabinet is outside our office door on the third floor.  The other cabinet is in the main lobby of the building on the first floor. 

The news requiring us to shut our doors was devastating for us. Informing our team this morning was one of the hardest moments we’ve experienced. Putting off treatment for our patients is hard enough, but having to be out of work for that long, along with our 10 co-workers is such a humbling experience.

Fortunately, systems that we have put in place will allow most of our patients to continue with uninterrupted progress during this time. There will be some, that due to where they are in treatment, will experience some delay.  Please know that we will try as hard as we can to get your treatment back on track as soon as possible.

We truly do understand that this is for the greater good, we are happy to donate our PPE items to healthcare workers that need it more than we do.  As we all do our part, we will overcome this together.

We will continue to update you through social media, emails, and our website as we navigate this.  Be assured that we are here for you, and that as soon as these restrictions are removed, we will be so excited to see you all again in the office. 


Dr. Neal Bastian, Dr. Terence Sullivan, and the SBO Team.




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4 Questions To Ask Before You Consider Limited Orthodontic Treatment:

Being a member of the “straight teeth club” can provide you with the invaluable benefits of a great smile, improved confidence, and better overall dental and general health. Undergoing orthodontic treatment is a big decision, and we encourage you to seek the opinion of a certified orthodontist before beginning any orthodontic treatment.


1. Can I be treated by a smile professional (orthodontist) if I just want my front teeth straightened?

YES!! An orthodontist is the best choice for ANY type of tooth straightening/smile improvement, from limited orthodontic treatment for crooked or spaced front teeth, to comprehensive treatment involving complete bite correction. In any field of medicine or dentistry, a specialist has the additional training and certification to provide the highest level of care. Whether it is a simple 6 month “smile refresh” for patients who have had braces in the past, someone with a couple teeth that are misaligned, or a complete bite correction, Doctors Terence Sullivan, DDS, MSD and Neal Bastian, DDS, MSD at Sullivan Orthodontics offer a wide range of services and fees, and will tailor your treatment plan specifically for your needs.


2. How does treatment in your orthodontic practice differ from “mail order orthodontics?”

In addition to direct in-person supervision of each patient undergoing treatment, our doctors and staff have extensive training and experience with ALL methods of orthodontics including traditional braces (both metal and clear) and invisible aligner therapy (e.g. Invisalign). In some cases a combination of techniques is utilized to maximize the strengths of each system and minimize the overall treatment time to the patient. Since our doctors are not limited by one technique (such as mail order aligners), they are able to design and personally supervise the best treatment plan for each patient.

Unsupervised treatment can lead to complications including cavities, gum infections, gum recession, loss of bone around teeth, loss of tooth root structure, and even loss of teeth. These complications can occur with any orthodontic treatment, but are far less likely if caught early during regular in-person direct supervision by the orthodontic clinical team. During treatment at Sullivan Orthodontics, we monitor each case at every visit, and take progress x-rays periodically to monitor for any problems with the roots of teeth, supporting bone, and any pathology/disease associated with the teeth and jaws. In most cases these types of problems occur without pain or symptoms in the early stages, and are not visible without x-rays. Occasionally jaw bone tumors or cysts occur (unrelated to orthodontic treatment) and can be detected on routine orthodontic x-rays. In those cases the patient can be referred in a timely manner to the appropriate medical/dental surgical specialist for treatment.


3. How much does it cost to have treatment provided by your orthodontic practice?

Treatment fees are based on the complexity of the treatment rendered, and just like a “one size fits all” treatment plan doesn’t apply to most patients, a “one fee fits all” doesn’t apply either. Typically, fees in our office will be somewhat higher than mail order treatment, but we are able to offer many financial plans with monthly payments as low as $99/month. In addition, our in-office financing plan is offered at 0% interest. We feel the overall value of what our orthodontic specialty practice provides to each of our patients is fairly reflected in our fees. Not only do we provide patients with an array of treatment options, individualized treatment plans (not limited by a particular product or system), and direct in-office monitoring of each patient’s progress, but our single comprehensive fee for each patient includes all diagnostic records (panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, any necessary “close-up” x-rays of individual teeth, intraoral scans, impressions, intraoral and extraoral photographs), any necessary consultation with the patient’s general dentist or other dental specialists, all appliances (braces or aligners) needed to complete treatment, all office visits (even after-hours emergencies), removal of appliances when treatment is complete (braces or aligner attachments), removable retainers and any needed bonded retainers (semi-permanent wires bonded behind front teeth to minimize future movement of those teeth), retainer check appointments and retainer adjustments as needed (for usually about 9-12 months after active treatment is complete).


4. What about “DIY” orthodontics?

Although people have tried the “do it yourself” approach, there can be serious consequences to a patient’s dental health if teeth are moved without regular direct supervision by a certified orthodontist and orthodontic technicians. Numerous complications have been reported with this type of treatment, including loss of teeth. Additionally, when our doctors are called upon to “fix” cases that had poor outcomes, sometimes the teeth are so damaged from the previous treatment that the final result is compromised to the point where additional dental and possibly surgical treatment is required to provide adequate dental function and esthetics.

Orthodontic treatment is one of the best investments you can make to improve your smile, confidence, and overall health. Just be sure you are under the care of a certified orthodontist before you begin any orthodontic treatment, no matter how much or little treatment you are looking for.


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Patient Appreciation Party 2018 Slideshow

We had so much fun at Elevated sports on June 20th. We are so grateful for all of our AMAZING patients and their families. 




Patient Appreciation Day At Elevated Sportz June 20, 2018



Dr. Neal Bastian

Dear Patients and Families,

We have been blessed over the last 24 years to have treated many wonderful patients like you. Our practice continues to grow and thrive as a result of your kind referrals of friends and family to our office.  To better serve you, we have been searching for a second doctor to join our practice, knowing that with two orthodontists, we would be able to offer more scheduling choices.

I believe I have found the perfect doctor to join our team, and it is my pleasure to introduce to you Dr. Neal Bastian.  Dr. Bastian comes highly recommended from the University of Washington School of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors in the top of his class, and was accepted into one of the most competitive orthodontic residencies in the world, which also happens to be at the University of Washington.  Dr. Bastian went on to earn his Master of Science in Dentistry for his work in orthodontic research at the University of Washington Department of Graduate Orthodontics. Since both Dr. Bastian and I received our dental and orthodontic education at the same outstanding institution, we have very similar treatment philosophies, which allows us to seamlessly integrate our treatment approaches to better serve our patients with the latest advances in orthodontics, combined with time-proven and consistent methods.

I feel very fortunate to have found a partner who is not only outstanding academically and clinically, but who is also extremely compassionate and caring.  Dr. Bastian shares my vision of orthodontic excellence for our patients.  He has deep roots in the Mill Creek community, as both he and his wife Michelle grew up in the area, and their parents continue to live in Mill Creek.  Dr. Bastian, Michelle, and their three children are thrilled to return to Mill Creek and call it home once again.

I look forward to working with Dr. Bastian for many years to come, to continue to provide you with the finest orthodontic care possible, and with increased convenience for you as our practice continues to grow. As always, feel free to contact me or any of our team members if you have any questions or concerns. Serving you is our privilege, and our goal is to deliver a beautiful smile along with a positive experience throughout your treatment. We are confident that Dr. Bastian will help us accomplish this goal. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Bastian to the Sullivan Orthodontics team, as he begins working with us starting April 2nd.


Terence C. Sullivan, DDS, MSD

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Mill Creek KidsFest 2017

Dr. Sullivan had a great time hosting the bubble station at KIDSFEST 2017. See him there, in his t-shirt? Don’t forget to turn in your summer t-shirt photo.

Thanks to McKayla for your help. We met so many nice families on and thank all the wonderfully polite kids.

Mill Creek is such a wonderful community and we feel blessed to be apart of it.